December 6th

If you haven’t gotten the hint, I think that it would be incredibly fun to be one of the first few people on a new planet. Today, I write a letter to the people who would come after me.

To those who have found this letter,

Discovering this planet was a dream come true. I have been on this planet for 10 years as of the writing of this letter, longer than most scientists back on Earth believed I could possibly survive here.

The first few weeks will be bliss. This is a place no one you know has ever been before. You will be in awe of many of the animals and plants you could never imagine were real.

Food tastes different too. You will see animals that glow bright blue. Do not eat these animals, they are extremely poisonous to humans. Same thing goes for any blue or green plants. The red plants, surprisingly enough, are good for you.

Soon though, you will find them.

There are humanoids that live on this planet. Most of them live many miles from where this letter is, but they often scower the whole planet.

You will not understand them, nor will they understand you, but that is okay. They are peaceful people.

Don’t mistake peaceful for dumb.

They are hundreds of years ahead of us when it comes to technology. Don’t threaten. Don’t be forceful. These people will take care of you.

Unfortunately, the structure of our DNA is not made for this planet. Since after I have been trying to live with the people of this planet, they have decided to try and help us to fix that.

They assumed there would probably be more of us coming.

They have started to learn english and I have started to learn their language, though it certainly isn’t easy since there is no Rosetta Stone lying around.

This is a new start for us people from Earth. A new beginning on a planet that has been kept in great shape.

Don’t mess it up.

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