John, you know nothing of what you speak.
Clifford Goudey

Clifford I have studied this area quite passionately as I expect people to do. The alarmists claim that the world is coming to an end because of co2. I looked into it. It’s not even close to anything they say. It’s a giant scam. I believed Hansen in the beginning and then I saw the assumptions they made. Then I saw the data. Then I saw how they distort and how it is obviously propoganda.

Let me tell you something Clifford. Lots of people are very smart. Look at the election. Your filter bubble news spent billions to convince people Trump was hitler and a white supremacist and everything evil all rolled up in one but the majority of Americans didn’t listen to the fake filter bubble. They can understand when they are being sold propoganda. that’s what this climate change crap is. Propoganda. There is nothing true. It’s all exaggerated and it’s obvious to anyone with half a brain because anybody can recognize when you see the kind of stupid articles that make it into the press over and over that the whole thing is politics.

I feel sorry for you if you actually believe the filter bubble crap. You’re going to have real depression when you realize there is no way anything they said like in the election is true. It’s all been done to manipulate people. Easily deceived people apparently like you.

If you look into it you will see it is all wrong. Everything they ever said none of it nothing ever came true or is coming true.