She is also poor because her skin color and hair texture labels her as unprofessional, unreliable, volatile, unskilled, and unintelligent. She is poor because society sees her as someone from whom labor is to be taken, not compensated. She is also poor because she is more likely to be the sole caregiver of children in a system that locks away black men.
Social Justice Must Be Complicated, Because Oppression Is Never Simple
Ijeoma Oluo

How do you distinguish such statements from racism? You say society treats a women like this in a certain way.

That’s not my experience in America. A woman, black from anyplace or man for that matter is treated quite fairly by most businesses cettainly by any business I have ever been associated with.

You describe a world I don’t know and would never describe. It sounds like what a racist would write.

Yes there is disparity. Yes there are problems and yes we need to figure this out but the approach of liberals hasn’t worked.

We had 8 years of Obamas concern and protest and what we got was a poorer middle class, a really poor lower class, black unemployment tragically high, escalating crime especially in poor and especially areas of color. Increase in terrorism and division.

All of this lecturing white people about our privilege is crap. We don’t spend every day Trying to repress black people any more than we spend time trying to elevate Asian people who make 20% more than white people.

There is a problem in some communities and there are systematic things we need to look at possibly around criminal codes. However the central problem is cultural.

If what you were writing about is a woman comes to work for a high tech firm and she is hip hop, disheveled, disorganized and untrained , poorly educated and she has 5 children then sure I might be less likely to hire her than someone who was smarter and more compatible with business.

There is a great injustice being committed but in my mind it is the injustice of saying that the people failing aren’t responsible for the vast majority of their problems. That’s not an indictment of any race or sex or anything. There are many examples of people of all looks and backgrounds succeeding in America including barrack obama. So it’s not as simple as all people of color and women are treated like you suggest. They aren’t. This is a much better country filled with much better people than you give credit.

The problem is that if you acknowledge that then your whole narrative of white priveledge falls apart.