Here is a time-lapse video from PBS that shows that the inauguration viewing area was never full at any time that day, even at the height of the festivities.
Trump, ‘Alternative Facts,’ and Abuse
Sara Benincasa

I am really glad that democrats continue to fail to understand or predict trump. While you spend your time discussing how the inauguration was not as full as during obama and that other statistics are not “alternative facts” because as we all know this was the least represented inauguration in history and it makes zero difference but what the h*** lets waste years of time arguing about this while trump enacts his legislation and gets his policies and people in place throughout government.

Thank you for keeping the left discombobulated talking about his kids and the obvious child abuse going on. :) this will occupy liberals for decades trying to figure out why Trumps kids are better adjusted more eloquent, better read and better speakers as well as more accomplished that the obama or Clinton kids. It is a puzzle isn’t it?

Chelsea said recently that she couldn’t care about money at a fundamental level. And why should she? She’s the child of a multimillionaire out of touch with the middle class she thinks are racist white supremacists. The healthy woman she is. Why should Chelsea care about money? That’s something that people who aren’t millionaires worry about not really people like her. Getting a job, getting pay raises and being able to set aside enough to retire. These are not concerns of chelsea. So it’s prima faces evidence of the abuse the trump kids must have gotten that they have started businesses, that they strive to succeed and they work with common men and women every day. Jeesh what a sick group.

So, some have compared trump to belesconi on italy. According to the gay patriot berlusconi stayed in power and accomplished his objectives because he kept the left in Italy constantly busy arguing about innane stupid things he said. They never could come up with a coherent alternative policy for anything because they were so busy arguing about what the size of his audience was and if his kids were abused and such.

I think between this and the Russian stuff trump will have no problems getting trump care passed in record time.

Good work. Keep it up.