The stupidest most hypocritical line of the Democratic campaign was uniting America.

The democrats never had any intention of uniting America.

It’s clear that the democrats never wanted unity. From the comment by Hillary about deplorables and the movement of identity politics which is literally by definition a movement of divide Americans into groups, some good, some bad.

Today however we see clearer than ever the true nature of democrats. Extreme hatred and violence spewed in their publications. CBS CNN NYT and other publications filled with nonstop propaganda not much more accurate than stuff put out by diseased organs of the communists decades ago.

We see played out daily a pattern of violence to American values carried out by the left. They are amuck trying to destroy America and bring us down.

Their goal is clear as rain. The master democrat responsible for directing much of the hatred is probably George Soros who in wikileaks was shown several times to give orders to Hillary which she carried out dutifully.
With his dozens of media and protest groups funding all kinds of leftist anarchistic operations we have a elite globalist who cares one whit for America and it’s workers.

In town halls across America democrat demonstrators have conspired to drown out true participation of voters by bringing in paid trained outsiders to heckle and drown out locals. Released recently are tapes of training for this disruption campaign teaching the hecklers to get in and take as many seats as possible. When the talk goes against you boo and get loud.

In free speech shutdowns across America wherever anybody controversial speaks the libs can be found throwing Molotov cocktails and punching out innocent spectators, screaming hate epithets at every person they even suspect is a trump supporter.

This is not what America stands for. It is not how to unite America. The democrats Bebe intended to unite. It’s very apparent this was one of the most facetious of their campaign statements.

Lately I’ve heard at the oscars and in liberal media a call for calm discussion. Nothing could be further from the liberal playbook. We have seen zero calm debate. We see only diatribe and viscious assaults on our very democracy.

In one of the most evil moments in American history the democrats pleased with 540 electors to make a decision to reverse a democratic election in America. To virtually bring our democracy to utter chaos. This is how far the democrats have gone afield. They want to win so bad they have abandoned virtually everything the us stands for.

The first amendment of the constitution allowing American to speak out. The democrats are trying everywhere they can to stifle speech and create filter bubbles.

The second Ammendment to the constitution. They seek to overturn the right of law abiding citizens to protect themselves.

Overturn the electoral system. Trying to get 540 electors Essentially replicating their failed superdelegate system in their primary process. Trying to make some super people for picking out president not the states.

I could go on. It’s very clear the democrats are going to face massive additional defeats. They have aligned themselves with elite interests with election of a new DNC chair after the two previous disgraced criminals were ejected. Wasserman and brazille. What a collection of losers.

These people cannot run an awards show let alone the country. Of course we already knew most of them were barely 8th grade educated.

Not that I think poorly educated people don’t have a right to a say just that I’m going to be a little skeptical of an Iranian lecturing America about peace coming from the largest sponsor of terror in the world and a Mexican about walls when they’ve sent a third of their country to America.

I still need an explanation of why it is torture or a crime to send citizens of their own country back to their country? Is Mexico such a hellhole that sending people back is like Hitler killing people?