It’s funny that every comment that starts with “fake news!”
Greg Fish

You said I was paid to spread fake news or maybe you meant the articles I used were somehow paid by oil interests.

It’s exactly the opposite.

These countries have been slaughtered by the green policies which is why they are building coal now.

The climate change hoax is the biggest scam pulled on the world. Article after article you read on this topic is pure lies and alarmism with a political purpose. It is obvious from the way they write it. How they ignore completely all the failures, the crimes and exposed errors and bad science. They and the media refuse to print all the failures of this “science” how they’ve been wrong on every single thing they’ve ever predicted.

Just within the last month we have seen a whistle blower expose another case of deceit by climate scientists used to line their own pockets. They faked data, they produced faulty algorithms again. They were shown to have colluded again for political purposes but the media won’t cover it.

You are being deceived major time if you believe one word of people like Joe Roman. Literally not a word he says has a single statement with any scientific merit.

You can veleive this fake news and live in the liberal bubble but I ask you to consider how healthy that is? You are going to be mentally scarred by listening to this crap like you were by the election results. When the reality finally makes the daylight and people realize how far off the models are from reality when people realize how much money was lost and wasted by the fake science and scam artists pushing an agenda to line their own pockets.