How to Impress an Interviewer
Julie Zhuo

The old “play to your strengths” adage works wonders here too, in my experience.

I think often we take that phrase to mean focus on improving what you’re good at, and let that compensate for your shortcomings. But to me, the real implication is find those characteristics of your strengths which you can apply to the areas you’ve identified for improvement. It’s not only logical, using your strengths to give yourself an advantage, it’s also motivational — you’re affirming and refining your strengths by putting them to use.

Personal example: I get very passionate about big visionary projects, but I’m shit at being organized. Solution? I made organization a big visionary project for myself by researching a system, reading a few books, testing tools and apps to help me get there, and talking about my objectives to my friends (like, not falling out of touch with friends all the damn time anymore).