Reactive programming with Java 8 and simple-react : The Tutorial

Dysfunctional Programming in Java :

From dysfunctional to functional tutorial index

Java 8 Reactive Programming with simple-react


a. Reactive Programming at Scale

b. Applying backpressure across Streams

c. Processing JDBC Results with Streams

d. How to Schedule a Stream in Java

e. Optimizing simple-react Streams

The tutorial covers the following areas -

  1. getting started
  2. error handling
  3. filter /map/ reduce /flatMap
  4. choosing a stream type
  5. stream creation
  6. pooling reactors
  7. pull / push model
  8. flow control
  9. batching and chunking
  10. sharding
  11. zipping streams
  12. firstOf, anyOf, allOf
  13. stream operations
  14. sequence operations

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