The Java Functional and Reactive Weekly : 26th Oct 2018

This weeks functional and reactive Java blogs and talks!

A bumper round up of blogs and talks on Functional Programming & Reactive Programming in Java.

Photo by Yasmin Dangor on Unsplash

Encoding FP in Java by Jean-Baptiste Giraudeau

Java’s difficulties with Functional Programming by Ties van de Ven

Reactive HTTP/2 Requests And Responses In Java 11 by Nicolai Parlog

We need safer APIs *and* safer implementations by John McClean

dmitryvinn/do-you-even-function by Dmitry Vinnik

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Functional Exception Handling in Java by Grzegorz Piwowarek

FlatMap, the Egg of Reactive Programming — by Sebastien Pelletier

Reactive Programming With Project Reactor — DZone Java by

Piotr Mińkowski

What Does it Mean to Be ‘Reactive?’ — DZone Java by Bartolomeo Sorrentino

Functional Bean Registrations in Spring Cloud Function by Dave Syer

Functional Java Programming With Vavr

The Functional Style — Part 5 by Richard Wild

Photo by Jeffrey Lin on Unsplash