The Java Functional and Reactive Weekly : 9th Nov 2018

This weeks functional and reactive Java blogs and talks!

Photo by Kea Mowat on Unsplash

Functional Blogs and Talks

The Functional Style — Part 6 by Richard Wild

Functional Programming (not necessarily with Java!) by Alex Macavei

Introduction to the Functional Web Framework in Spring 5 by Eugen (Baeldung)

Dysfunctional programming in Java 5 : No Exceptions by john mcclean

Imperative Loop or Functional Stream Pipeline? Beware of the Performance Impact! by Lukas Eder

Reactive Blogs and Talks

Bringing Reactive To Enterprise Java developers by Thomas Segismont and Julien Ponge

Reactive Microservices using RSocket by Ryland Degnan

Understanding Spring Reactive by Naveen Katiyar

Exploring Reactive Programming in Java by Miro Cupak


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