New Zealand Satellite System Keeps A Lookout On Boats

Auckland based BoatSecure is using the latest generation of satellite technology to provide boat owners with peace of mind

New Generation of Satellites Monitors Boat Status Globally

Generated image of BoatSecure Satellite Transmitter — BoatSecure supplied

Boat Trip Tests Satellite System Performance

BoatSecure Smart Phone App Reports Boat Status - BoatSecure supplied

BoatSecure Safeguards Boats In Marinas

Samudra rounds Cape Brett, Bay of Islands, New Zealand — BoatSecure supplied

New Zealand Trip Tests Satellite Performance

Samudra passes East Coast of New Zealand during the trial trip — BoatSecure supplied
Hourly Position Reports by satellite from Bay of Islands trip — BoatSecure supplied
Samudra approaches Auckland, New Zealand — BoatSecure supplied
Voyage track from BoatSecure Satellite Trials — BoatSecure supplied

Satellite Tech Adds Value to Boat Monitoring Service

More About BoatSecure Orbit

About BoatSecure

Entrepreneur and engineer, founder of BoatSecure and advocate for Internet of Things applications

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