Discover a Different World with Classic Escapes in Australia

Well, after a fantastic holiday we are back home but the memories we have will continue to linger for years to come. It was really awesome and we are thankful to the entire team of Classic Escapes for organizing such an exceptional trip.

Everything went fantastically — all the flights were coordinated well and the accommodation was beautiful. We were spellbound at the exquisite beauty of Dubai. We realized how great things came to us in small packages in the form of Classic Escapes. It was very interesting and surprising. Accommodation was beautiful — we don’t mind the extreme 50 degrees temperature. It was excellent to enjoy High Tea in world’s tallest building. Highly recommend it. Expensive but worth the visit!


Our accommodation was perfect. Nothing superfluous- very much like homely atmosphere but neat and clean and the welcome by the manager was just beautiful. Reception staff were friendly and we felt just like talking to family so everything was good and we were thankful to Classic Escapes.


Singapore was breathtakingly wonderful. We were organized in a beautiful accommodation which was at 26th floor with lovely views and dramatic scenery of the city. It was indeed a great place to visit.

With all good memories I want to thank you so much for your coordination of our holiday job. So well planned and well executed!! We are already planning next year for a trip.

Best wishes to Classic Escapes!

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