An Amazonian’s response to “Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace”
Nick Ciubotariu

This response is a bit surprising. Nick works in a company that is data driven. But his response is purely anecdotal, ironically a criticism he levels at the NY Times article. He doesn’t give any data supporting his personal positive experiences: % of people leaving after 2 years, Glassdoor ratings, etc…

None of the bad stuff has happened to Nick thus it must not be true. It may have happened to others but since he hasn’t heard of anything, he strongly feels that the article which interviewed “more than 100 current and former Amazonians” is false or outdated.

He complains about bias and how the NY Times uses anecdotes to support their bias. Yet he does the same. I realize that he is writing a blog and the NY Times article is written by journalists. But if you are going to publicly proclaim that someone is wrong, you should have a better reason than “this is not something I’ve ever encountered.”

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