Setting English Language Students for success in the Math classroom.
Rebeca De Leon Pardini

Think-pair-share, Word Math Wall, front loading with images (prior knowledge), sketching while reading, sentence frames/starters, and think sheets are all fun and must use techniques. I dream of a class in which I can give an assignment and have students select the method that has given them more success in order to complete the reading for the day. A class in which students can assess their own learning and be able to identify what works for them. I remember having horrible experiences with dry math material that made learning boring. Turns out it wasn’t the material that was boring, it was the teacher. Turns out math is fun. But it took a teacher that used graphic organizers, word walls, and front loading in order for the numbers to become alive and interesting in my mind. You have the chance to turn ON the math curiosity switch in all your students. That same switch that has been turned OFF by others in the past.

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