Clintonists Suddenly Claiming It’s Perfectly Normal To Do Oppo Research With Russians
Caitlin Johnstone

This is the first time you’ve made here a connection between Chinese influence and Chinese interests in America on the one hand; and Rusiagate and the Russophobia craze on the other. From the available evidence, it’s easy to suspect that China’s influence over American policy is easily equal to and almost certainly greater than that of Russia’s, with documentation of this just starting to show up in the press. You suggest that of the two powers, China is the dominant one, using Russia as their right arm.

While a consideration of China is a welcome addition to the calculus, seeing Russia as China’s “right arm” obscures both the historic and contemporary antipathy between the two. China is rabidly expansionist, not only from Tibet to Korea, Myanmar and on the borders with India and Serbia, but in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and other areas. Influence between Russia and China is actively contested across the CIS countries as well. A comparison between Russia’s and China’s relations with Mongolia may be instructive here. China subsumed inner Mongolia, while Russia allowed outer Mongolia a degree of cultural autonomy, such that it is now an independent nation.

Rapprochement between Russia and America is much more easily conceivable, historically as well as culturally; whereas, an alliance between China and America is inconceivable. Except. Except if you define America (and by extension the U.K. and other closely linked economies) under the terms of neoliberalism as defined by Friedrich Hayek. One would suspect it is this version of economic man that is pushing America’s government and economy to merge with China’s. The cultural fallout from such a convergence — totalitarianism — does not factor into that worldview

Any alliance between Russia and the U.S.A. — which would be helpful to the cultures and economies of both nations — would perforce threaten China’s growing regional and aspiring global hegemony. It would be in China’s interest to contest such an alliance, and doing so through the DNC has its precedents, including the Clinton Adminitration’s scandalous receipt of under the table funding from Indonesian Chinese interests. Other factors, including Mitch McConnell’s Chinese connections, are probably also in play.

While you may have grabbed the stick there from the wrong end, considering China as a factor in the Russophobia campaign makes for a more comprehensive equation.