Revolution Is Racist. Populism Is Sexist. Economic Justice Is Homophobic.
Caitlin Johnstone

You wrote that, “ This would usher in a new era where a true collaborative anarchy (a word which literally means nothing other than “without rulers”) would become possible for us.” and I think you were spot on, with the caveat that there may be a better definition for anarchism.

The key point in the definition is the belief/observation that society exists primarily because of cooperation, rather than competition. This is the contribution of Kropotkin, which stands in juxtaposition to Social Darwinism. Societies evolve because they cooperate, with other species, and in general. This is the kind of fundamental insight that then goes on to affect much of our other thinking. In modern terms, it would stand in defiance of the socio-political philosophy inspired by Ayn Rand.

We can’t see the forest for the trees at the moment, so your effort to pan back a bit should be helpful. Considering how society might exist without rulers can be a very useful exercise; not because it is practicable, eminent, or goal-worthy, but because it helps focus the mind on nodes which can later be used to accelerate change.

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