The Appeal of Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture

People often decide to first decorate their home in a theme and style that they really like. THEN, they pick out furniture to match. It can be a real chore trying to find the right furniture, in the correct size, and in a color that goes along with the existing theme. But unfinished solid wood bedroom furniture can be painted and even built in a wide variety of choices to match almost any preference.

Picking the Right Items
Most people have made the mistake of going to a big box store and getting some modestly priced stuff to meet their temporary needs. But if you are ready to move up in quality, style, attractiveness and durability then it is time to pick out some solid wood bedroom furniture that will provide years of comfort and pleasure.

Best Quality — Solid wood furniture, as opposed to particle board stuff, is high quality furniture. Most items like beds, nightstands, dressers and bedside tables found in the big retailers are produced with a mixture of particle board and real wood. The natural wood will expand and contract during the seasons based on humidity levels. This causes joint to break. However, a piece of furniture made solely of real hardwood will not break at the joints and will last for years.
No Covered up imperfections — When purchasing solid wood bedroom furniture you can see exactly what the lumber looks like. There won’t be weak spots, knots or other similar imperfections. This allows you to have confidence in the item you are buying.
Long lasting and durable — Hands down, solid wood bedroom furniture will outlast other types of furniture for ages. With the ability to refinish the surface it is also a good choice for people that like a particular item and wish to hang on to it as time marches on. This type of furniture can usually be repaired as well if there is a break or damage.
No lack of choice — Getting unfinished furniture also provides a world of options. For instance, a child’s room could be outfitted with a red bed, blue dresser and green nightstand. An elderly couple might like to have a bed frame with a dark stain and the remaining furniture to be painted a bright yellow or green to match wallpaper. The only limits are really the amount of money a person has to spend on paint and prep materials.

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