Feb 27 · 1 min read

Python was my first programming love. I left the Python world around 2005 (for other languages/science sectors), after programming with it and teaching it for around a decade. At the time I remember being excited for Python 3. I recently came back to my first love and the biggest thing that blew me away was the fact that we’re still deliberating 2.x vs 3. It’s been 13 damn years people. I was actually confused at first because I thought we’d be at 5 or 6 by now.

One thing I liked about Python (as a trained scientist, rather than a programmer), was that it was relatively stable and didn’t jerk you around with wild changes. But a decade of stagnation seems a wee bit excessive.

    John Metta

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    An unassuming hobbit who lives in a notebook with a pet fountain pen. Proud member of House Hufflepuff. Music maker, dreamer of dreams. http://johnmetta.com

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