39 Clever Ways Teens Hide Their Drugs

Research says that the main reason why teens avoid drinking alcohol and using illicit drugs is their parent. Parents do play an important role in guiding their children, especially when they enter the stage of being a teen, where they are so much curious about things like drugs and alcohol. Teens are prone of getting exposed to such things like illegal drugs and alcohol and many of them are falling into the traps of substance abuse. Parents may not know where to look for evidence of substance abuse, they go to the common places like cell phone texts, trash cans, closets and backpacks. There are many places where teens hide their drugs, and these places are the last spots parents would hesitate to look.

But still, the best way for parents to avoid teenage substance abuse is to educate them about the dangers and health consequences of using illegal drugs.

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Originally published at substancerecoveryservices.com on August 13, 2015.

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