telling Hillary Clinton to “go away.”
Why I Will Never Stop Being Glad That Hillary Clinton Refuses to “Go Away”
Melissa McEwan

All this is FAKE NEWS, but if it were true, then she would be receiving a minuscule dose of what she dished out to the women victims of her and her husband. Who were these ladies that suffered at the hands of the Clinton Machine?

Let us recall:
Gennifer Flowers — issue — consensual sex, extra-marital of course
Paula Jones — issue — Clinton exposing himself and sexual harassment
Kathleen Wiley — issue — groping without consent
Monica Lewinsky sex in the oval orifice, uh, I mean Oval Office
Juanita Broaddrick — issue — RAPE
Dolly Kyle Browning — issue — 22-year sexual relationship with Bill
Elizabeth Ward Gracen — issue — Miss America, one-night stand with Bill
Myra Belle “Sally” Miller issue — Miss Arkansas affair with Bill

Crooked Hillary attacked many of these ladies after her husband was done with them, even CNN admits that.

Threats and intimidation to keep silent. Crooked Hillary is such a horrid woman, she deserves every negative thing that might ever come her way.