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I can’t believe you all left out so much detail, let me help you with this story.

I understand the officer doing the shooting was a Muslim, I know Muslims hate women, especially infidel women. And that the Muslim officer was already under investigation where he manhandled another woman, and she has sued the officer, Mohamed Noor, who has only been on the police for 2-years.

It is reported by Jihad Watch, that the Muslim officer, Mohamed Noor, has multiple complaints since his employment, yet the Muslim officer has been personally praised by Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges as being the first Somali-American police officer in his precinct.

The squad car camera was not operating as those are triggered manually or most commonly, by the emergency lights. Since they were presumably trying to be stealthy, they probably did not come in the alley with blue lights and siren, duh… The body cameras do not record all the time, they are triggered manually since the officers had not even exited their car, the cameras had not yet been activated, no crime there and that is to be expected. And if they had been activated in anticipation of an incident, then they would have recorded to the front, not out the driver’s window.

But don’t worry, the dead lady is white, and the killer is a Muslim, so there won’t be much outcry, and certainly no rioting in the streets. Once Mayor Hodges comes to her senses, she will be ok with it too, why she might even give the Muslim officer a field promotion for bravery.

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