The production value of the videos was poor and their attempt to reach out to African Americans was clumsy and awkward
I Watched Over 100 Covert Russian Propaganda Videos On YouTube — Here’s What I Saw
Caroline O.

I did not read this entire FAKE NEWS Story, because once I see it is FAKE, then I tend to ignore it, but did you by chance mention that the view count of those videos only totals in the hundreds? And your own comments about the clumsiness of those videos would certainly attest to the limited viewership of their content. So then, why would it even be a story if so few people watched them? We both know the answer to that, it is not newsworthy, you are only trying to gen-up the base, with disingenuous half made up story, that's all.

Do you consider those that were the target of this disinformation campaign to be so gullible that they might have actually sat at home with a gun in their lap on election day?

Wow, what a piece of FAKE NEWS!