Progress Update: My First Game Jam

It took a few days but I managed to create a platformer game called Hourglass that I submitted. The theme of this particular Game Jam was running out of time. Which my idea, was someone trapped in a hourglass as it fills up.

The zone scripting in C# I am particularly proud of as a time mechanic because as the area fills up the bottom is closer to the spout which means the fill rate gets faster the higher the sandy bottom. Thus the sand zone, the game over condition, increases in speed.

I may make some more updates to it as I find how I am dealing with sprite animation to be a bit off. I used free assets and some I have acquired over the years.

The animated character sprite made by Ingenious Knowledge, I got from the Unity Asset store here, I thought of good quality especially for a free asset:

I look forward to making more games and showcasing my work.

For now my first Game Jam game is on the Internet and playable in the browser at the link below—



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