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The families of those who walk on dangerous lines due to their nature of work often suffer from insomnia. They live everyday in the fear of losing their loved ones. Each year more than 100,000 injuries are caused due to work-related falls and accidents, and some of these injuries turn fatal and result in deaths of the laborers. Mining and construction are the two most dangerous job sites that one can work in. The workers are subjected to both dangerous working conditions and fear of death.

A quick glance at the statistics highlights the grim situations that a mine worker has to face. As per a report by the International Labor Organization (ILO), mining employs around 1% of the total global labor force, and it sadly generates 8% of fatal accidents. Popular estimates put the total number of mining deaths at 12,000 people per year. While industry experts say the number of fatalities has decreased considerably since the early 20th Century, there has been no shortage of tragic mining accidents in recent years.

Over the last few years, the manufacture and sale of safety and fall protection equipment has steadily grown, however the number of accidents that lead to injuries and deaths have increased as well. The problem lies in different aspects of worker’s safety and here are a few of the top issues that lead to the alarming number of fatalities:

-Once bought, the same equipment is used for a very long period of time without subjecting it to regular inspections and replacements.
-All the fall protection and safety equipment experience deterioration with extensive use and exposure to hard conditions, regardless of the brand and manufacturer.
-Lack of proper training to the workers on the importance and technique of using these equipment contributes to the accidents too.

When one is looking to buy these safety devices, it is prudent to explore myriad options to ensure longer durability and strength. One can easily find MSA fall protection equipment online that has grown to become one of the most preferred brands in the recent years. The employers must provide enough knowledge to the workers on the importance of using even the smallest of equipment such as a mining hat. Since head injuries are the most fatal and cause quick death, it is important to stay safe with MSA skullgard mining hat while going down into the mines.

A culture of safety is of paramount importance to result in highest productivity with workers’ safety.

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