With technology comes progress: more efficient tools make it easier to accomplish our goals and move society forward.

But the process of how these novel technologies are integrated into society is complicated. It may seem obvious, but even the most useful piece of tech can throw a wrench into long-established ways of doing things.

The stars have to align before people are willing to change and adopt new systems.

Consider Conex boxes, commonly known as shipping containers. These corrugated steel boxes were used to pack and organize large freight on a ship. Because their size is standardized, they’ve made trade…

The process for getting government contracts — at both the state and federal level — can be intimidating for a new business.

There are a ton of specific requirements, arcane rules, and often arduous processes to get through. It’s nothing like selling your services to a private company.

But the tradeoff is the vast opportunities available in government work.

The federal government alone spends more than $400 billion a year on a vast assortment of contracts. Even for a relatively new technology like blockchain, government spending is expected to grow to at least $123 million by 2022.

While the opportunities…

I’ve never been a naturally emotive person. In school, I was drawn to more analytical subjects like physics — that was where I felt most confident.

And that’s really not uncommon among CEOs.

If you look at the backgrounds of most CEOs, you’ll see that most executives have business, engineering, or science degrees. They’re naturally more analytical, and sometimes, that means they’re less emotional and responsive to other people’s emotions.

For a CEO, that analytical side is great when it comes to focusing on the bottom line and the little details that contribute to a company’s success. …

Everyone likes to learn in different ways, but favorite methods all have one thing in common — they’re enjoyable.

If you don’t like the way you’re being taught, you simply won’t retain as much of the information.

For instance, when I was in high school, I had a great physics teacher. He always dove deep into the concepts and explained the reasoning behind the rules and formulas we were learning.

But my experience in high school chemistry was just the opposite. Nothing was ever really explained. …

It wasn’t until about a decade ago that the notion of “transparency” caught fire.

Before then, most people simply trusted their broker or the third party handling their business to make things happen. But after the financial crisis and the bank bailouts around 2008, people’s faith in middlemen — and financial institutions, especially — was shaken.

The backroom style deals the banks made with the government in order to keep them afloat drove home the necessity for transparency. In fact, Bitcoin’s initial raison d’être was transactional transparency between parties that allowed each to keep essential data private.

Of course, financial…

Working from home is a lot like traveling for work — people glamorize it until they try it.

Don’t get me wrong, some people are great at working independently. For them, remote employment is fantastic. They take advantage of the benefits of working from their kitchen table without skipping a beat.

But others really struggle with it. That’s not a knock against anyone, but a lot of great employees just need the structure of the office to reach their potential.

Personally, I don’t really like working from home for extended periods of time. …

In business, we like to think everything is quantifiable — but that’s not the case.

Even something as essential as finding great leaders can’t be done with data or numbers alone.

When hiring a leadership team, credentials should factor in, but CEOs don’t blindly rely on a resume alone. Past accomplishments, college credentials, and other on-paper accolades don’t always translate to actual ability, unfortunately.

For a company to find what it really needs — great managers who make excellent judgment calls — the hiring team has to look beyond credentials to understand a candidate’s true colors.

It’s about identifying the intangible traits that can’t be taught.

Sometimes, figuring out if…

If you used to take apart the telephone when you were a kid, the supply chain industry would be a good fit for you.

I say that because the average person doesn’t think too much about how their new immersion blender ended up on their doorstep. They don’t think about how or why they were able to track its every move online. They aren’t curious.

But if you are curious — about how electronics work or how a package gets from one end of the country to the other — then the shipping industry has a lot to offer.


As the CEO, you’re responsible for everything.

You serve as the public face of your company, liaise between the board of directors and employees, and make sure your team feels heard and happy. For better or worse, your decisions impact every aspect of the business — from the bottom line to employee happiness.

My experience as the CEO of ShipChain has made me realize the importance of prioritizing your long-term vision over short-term profit.

Take Sears, an innovator, an industry “disruptor,” and dominant market force thanks to its mail-order catalog. You could even argue that it pioneered the direct-to-consumer shipping…

Most people assume rocket scientists and truck drivers don’t have much in common. But that’s not necessarily true.

When I was a student at Clemson University, I had an incredible physics professor. This man was brilliant: he brought in big bucks consulting for NASA and other governmental agencies, all while fulfilling his passion for teaching.

He could do anything he wanted with his life. But his dream was to drive a truck around the country and get paid to explore all of America. …

John Monarch

Logistics, Ethereum, Physics, and Music | johnmonarch.com

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