California’s K-12 Pension Cost Crisis
David Crane

It is good to read an article that recognizes that because of massive pension costs and debt, reform must compromise employee’s pensions for any work not yet performed.

However, the current group of reformists, many who beg from the Arnold Foundation, must use the funds to elect bi-partisan pension reformers to legislative bodies, instead of blovating about the mathematical observation that pension costs and debt increase every day. The money from the Arnold Foundation is a fact. Let’s quit wasting it.

Assume we had a reform group that expended funds to elect pension reformers to legislative bodies, what agenda would reform both the cost and debt problem while allowing govt. workers a reasonable pension.

BTW, I do not know of a single legislative body candidate in the state of CA. that has such an agenda. I have published mine at the Ca. Policy Center, but I am out of time to run for office. JMM

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