Knowledge Business Blueprint (KBB 2.0): Top 3 Things Why I Choose This.

John Moree
Jan 23 · 3 min read

Let Us Discuss What Benefits You Really Get Through KBB 2.0 Program (Led Down By Tonny Robbins & Dean Graziosi). There is a lot more to achieve through Knowledge Business Blueprint. But I will discuss some of the main reasons why I choose this program.

Some Quick Facts About the “KBB Program”

Knowledge Business Blueprint (KBB 2.0)
Knowledge Business Blueprint (KBB 2.0)
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First Phase of the “Knowledge Business Blueprint- KBB” program launched in March 2019.

More than 24000 people from 80 countries participated in this program & shown tremendous results by going through this program.

More than 2000 business niches identified by the members.

More than 20000 people already active inside the private Facebook group & making their success stories one after another.

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Right Mindset

The first & foremost thing you will achieve is the right mindset to start your online venture. This business is not like any other business. Through the KBB 2.0 method, you will reap a huge profit by running your own mastermind business. You not only profit from your venture but also impact people's lives at the same time. With the mentorship from Tonny Robbins & Dean Graziosi, you will proceed on the right path which will lead to sure success in your business.

Real Blueprint To Succeed

This is not like any other course which is framed by amateur peoples who have no real business connections. Tonny & Dean have put together their 65 years of combined experience into this program to make it failproof. They have laid down all the tricks & tips they used in their own business in this course. They formulate the right strategy to extract the knowledge within you and turn your expertise, skill or hubby to a profitable business. If you do not have any experience, you can also profit from this business model by acting as a knowledge broker. Hence this course is also known as “Knowledge Broker Blueprint”.

Handholding You Through All The Process

Implementation is the most crucial part of every business. No matter how much experience you are. If you can not put together all the required things in the right way, the business will ultimately see the face of failure. So business implementation is the key to success in any business. Hence all the modules of this program designed to help you in every step of your business. It starts with picking the right business niche that suits you the most.

The KBB program combined with a mastermind software called “Mindmint” which will help you in each & every step to start & run your first paid workshop, mastermind or group training. This can be virtual or in-person that does not matter. The software guides you in the making of your content, market your mastermind group & run it from start to finish.

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