The Biggest Lie Ever Told

Do you know the biggest lie YOU ever told?

I know the lie I hear most often…”I wish I could do that”.

No, you don’t.

If you wanted to play basketball like a pro, you’d spend every night shooting thousands of shots.

If you wanted to play piano like Billy Joel, you’d take lessons and work on it constantly.

If you wanted the freedom and rewards from owning your own business, you’d work late, work weekends, read thousands of books, and network with everyone.

If you wanted to be thin, you’d stop eating like crap and work out.

If you wanted to live in a mansion, you wouldn’t buy a lottery ticket and hope you win.

If you wanted to be in a great marriage, you’d stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about your spouse.

If you wanted to be an author, you’d stop waiting for a book deal to fall into your lap and start writing.

If you wanted to be a public speaker, you’d work day and night on your message and delivery and then speak to anyone who will listen.

Stop saying you want something that you aren’t working your butt off to achieve.

Everyone wants self-help but few are willing to do self-work.

No one is bringing you success. You must hunt it down.

I’m cheering you on.