Why We All Have Haters, and Why I Respect Mine
Gary Vaynerchuk

Your parents story is inspirational in itself. My parents are my heroes. Their sacrifices enabled me to get where I’m today. My father gave me the choice early on to work with him on a project in the apartment building my parents owned (and own) or go do my homework and study. There was no choice to go play with my friends. Your dad made you bag ice for $2 an hour in the basement. My parents built the foundation on which I was able to stand upon to reach my goals. My days are filled with helping people get necessary treatment, temporary benefits and some compensation for their injuries. My grandfather died as a result of a work accident and nobody helped my maternal grandmother get any assistance. She didn’t collect any workers compensation benefits and no insurance company volunteered to help. I asked her how she raised five children on her own and she said “I had no time to think about it. I just did it.” Your “execution”. She worked into her seventies making coats. She would fix my suits and accompany me to buy suits and tell me which jacket was made poorly. When the tailor said if I needed adjustments, I would say “I have my tailor, my grandmother.” Keep up the work and take the time to go on those vacations and honor your parents, wife, children and family. Immigrants excel in America because they see the opportunity that many complain about. The United States of America is great because its made up of immigrants from all over the world that “execute” to build that foundation for generations to come.