Hey everyone.
Chloe Dykstra

When you date a public figure, (or anyone of great means..) many reasonable requests are made, and out of respect they’re made willfully. You know this going in!

HB gave me her phone number after working together on 3shows… but, I wasn’t prepared to go out with someone so accomplished.. and I hated the thought of anything in the Spotlight- you want it or you don’t!

Ms. Dykstra, your Instagram feed suggests nothing to which you’re describing. Any man who’s that controlling would not allow you to discuss Rimjobs on social media- no lady would discuss Rimjobs on social media! Unless, you enjoyed a 15y/o boys mentality.. and all the di*k jokes that come with one!

You also could’ve left at any point.

I understand that people experience things differently and if you weren’t treated as you’d wish, then once again you should’ve left. If you were mentally unfit to leave, then by your posts you do not show it.

I’ve been fighting a sociopathic starlet for a while now, but my self worth has never allowed her to define me. If she did then I would’ve been responsible for allowing it.

You admitted to cheating- whether it was just a kiss or more.. sex would’ve been worse. A kiss demonstrates a level of intimacy and emotional cheating is worse than physical.

Lastly, you are being more abusive in your self indulgence here, and your publicly flogging Mr. Hardwick. More so than if Mr. Hardwick intentionally meant to cause you harm. Which you have not proven and your threats of full disclosure is nothing short of extortion- in fact it is extortion with a passive aggression.

If you want a check, just ask him.

I do hope Chris hires a good attorney. You didn’t name him out of a fear of defamation, I’m sure. If he was the monster you didn’t describe one here- you should’ve had the integrity to name him.

Like me.

I’ve been fighting Brooke Shields for 3years. She perjured herself in court to win a case she never wanted brought to trial. She manipulated the police based on her self professed/ professionally diagnosed hyper vigilance. She lied, and was made to lie as a result of an opportunistic Assistant District Attorney. After I made my complaint to the NY BAR and her current employee, the ADA responsible for Suborning Perjury is now no longer employed.


If Chris Hardwick did something, then publicly call him out, and file a police report.

The days of people claiming harassment for Power/Control/$ disrespect every actual #METoo survivor- myself included.

Enough is enough.

Abusive Personality Types Often

Falsely Claim:




Often threatening legal/police action for #revenge



It’s called:



I’d say let’s investigate, but as we have found in my fighting Brooke, her justice was bought.. actually traded in favors.

Sterling K Brown did a photo op w/ Cy Vance.

Anjelica Gregory was offered a job by Brooke’s security client at a starting salary of $190,000 to $290,000.

(after complaint Ms. Gregory was gone within a couple weeks…)

Behaviors can all be investigated- and computer forensics can be a great determinant. It proved my innocence.