Post-Racist America? GTFOH
Thaddeus Howze

Thanks, I needed that!

Up front reveal, I’m a 74, southern white with all the hereditary baggage that carries. I refer to it as my “Cultural Appendicitis”, it’s useless, but flares up at the worst times, usually across my face. That thing that you addressed so well.

A week after reading this, I spent a weekend in Atlanta, riding MARTA for the first time, horror stories are wrong, enjoyed the experience. However, I blew it — — -again.

A young, large black man got on Saturday night, massive dreads, etc and open carrying a “Glock”. After getting my head-out I realized that if TSHTF he was the one who would stand between us and what ever “Bad came”, it was no longer me.

So, if your out and reading this, my “Cultural Appendicitis” flared-up, put that stupid look on my face.

This is my public apology.

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