As I was going through my Facebook feed the other day, I came across this link to an article by Nairobi News blog. What captured my attention was the headline that read, “KENYAN STUDENTS IN DAVID VERSUS GOLIATH BATTLE WITH FACEBOOK.” Which I believe then should have been “KENYAN STUDENTS IN DAVID VERSUS GOLIATH BATTLE TO RE-INVENT THE WHEEL.” instead.

Idiocy at Play

The two students Sidney Rema and Phelix Juma who are medical and engineering students respectively, are obviously clueless on the battle they are up against. Opening another networking website that is intended to give Facebook a run for their money is laughable. The study that led to their project is totally contradictory, since they supposedly found that people were losing interest in Facebook, yet teenagers were sharing content that was inappropriate. How are they sharing if they are losing interest? Facebook are obviously up to date with the apps that might be future threats, and they are aggressively acquiring them all, including Instagram and WhatsApp.

The Wrong Idea and Mentor

In order to start a successful business, you have to create a solution for a problem people are facing. For Vospine, there is no problem they are really solving, since Facebook groups can already do a better job than their networking website. The mentor they have also chosen, James Mwangi, although a successful business man, is the wrong fit for a mentor since he is operating on a totally different industry.


Vospine is not the only project headed for failure, there are other people who see success and think they can emulate them and become successful, yet they lack the resources, skills and expertise to execute. They are then left wondering why no one is paying attention to their less than half baked idea projects.

I have no problem with the people coming up with the next big ideas, but before they launch, they should ask themselves this one critical questions:

What problem am I solving and do people really need the solution I’m offering?

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