I don’t think that the electors exercising their independent judgment is revolutionary.

LL. You say, “ if we can’t get to a constitution that gives America a representative democracy through this constitution, then of course, like our founders, we’ll have to find a way to a new one.”

I am 65. I have lived long enough to understand how this emergency we face has developed, from Eisenhower on. Our planet is facing a humanitarian crisis, in large part, brought on by the establishment which controls our government, banks, media and military. The edge of the abyss is fast approaching in my view, when scientists are telling the entire planet that we are very close to a point of no return. We should all be alarmed at the devastating impacts this government is having as we speak, and organize ourselves to change it now to ensure the will of the vast majority prevail. We all, know that citizens have zero impact on policy. Is that good enough? If we fail to address the constitutional crisis we are in, we are not acting as parents of a democracy, we are acting as it’s child.