Dual SIM mobile phones can come pretty handy when you don’t want your pockets to be full of phones. It is the ideal solution for those that want to communicate with their private contacts and carry out tasks related to their work on different networks at the same time with the same phone without having to switch between two separate handsets on and off.

We’ve heard of the big brands like Apple, Samsung, HTC and so on, but do you know there are other brands offering you the same quality but for up to five times less of the price you would pay for one the big brands handsets

We’re talking about some of the best dual SIM mobile phones you can find on the market today. You probably haven’t heard of them before but prepare to be stunned by the unique design, the powerful performances they offer and for a whole lot less money than you’d have to pay for an Apple or Samsung mobile phone.


Vernee is the name of the company that produces Mix 2 and a lot of other models of fering dual SIM mobile phones. Mix 2 just ticks all the boxes for many users, great screen size, long lasting battery and easy to use with all the features you would expect from 2017/2018. You can do the same things with the Mix 2 that you can do with a Samsung S8 and even more actually. Mix 2 has better image resolution than S8, bigger battery, bigger screen and a better camera as well. Generally it goes toe to toe with the S8 in every aspect. Also Mix 2 can be upgraded to 6Gb of ram, and the internal memory can be expanded up to 128Gb. You’d expect a handset like this to be priced similarly to the S8 but actually Mix 2 costs only £125 pounds compared to the whooping price of approximately £500 pounds for the S8. Almost 4 times cheaper than the S8, but still competing fiercely against it with the same features and unrivaled quality. The choice for dual SIM mobile phones has never been greater with Ziegal and we are proud to offer you the best performances combined with the best prices.

Elephonze S8

This bad boy costing slightly more than the Mix 2 takes the competition up a notch and is worth every penny. Since it wouldn’t be fair comparing the S8 with the Elephone S8 to show how good the Elephone is when it comes to quality-price ratio, how about we make it a bit more challenging by getting the Galaxy Note 8 into the game. Yes Note 8 has been, and will remain an icon of smartphones. But so will remain its hefty price of £670 pounds. I agree that everyone can have their doubts, but believe it or not Elephone S8 wins quite some battles against the Note 8. Elephone S8 has the more powerful processor, the better camera of 21 mega pixels which provides better image resolution as well. And that’s not all it has, it can also shoot RAW and 4k. Elephone S8 is so good that when it comes to choosing between it and the Note 8 even if you have the money for the more expensive one you still can choose the Elephone S8 knowing you are only opting for a less famous brand because you won’t have doubts quality and feature wise whatsoever. The money that you would save from the Note 8, could buy all the S8 Elephones in all 3 colors and match them with your daily outfit if you’re a fashionista or instead you can simply make your loved ones happy by getting them one of the S8 Elephones instead of buying a single Note 8 for yourself.
 It is also confirmed by one of the biggest tech youtubers who labels Elephone S8 as the Super Smartphone. Watch the video below if you want to know more about the great things Elephone S8 offers with its super affordable price.
 After all when it comes to buying a mobile phone it all comes to your needs and taste. Ziegal always aims to offer its customers the best value for money with the best spec and features. Before you choose, think if you want the phone because of the brand or because of what you need it to do for you.
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