My experience in the remote Andela boot-camp as at day 2

This boot-camp hasn't been a walk in the park so far due to the various new technologies I have to learn and apply immediately. I have programmed before though I had not utilized some of these technologies. The main challenge I have had is slow Internet speeds which have interfered with my video streaming capabilities.

My fellow group 4 members (Cohort 20) have been supportive whenever asked for assistance. The group facilitator has been exceptional in giving feedback on the issue that included ones raised by the group members. The honesty is great given the qualities Andela seeks to instill. The Open-Andela/bootcampcohort20-nbo chat has also been a good source of information and assistance.

The tutorials on different matters have been very informative and eye opening. They are well structured and easy to follow through. Having watched Growth Mindset, Seeks Feedback, Professional Writing and Asks Questions they have given me an insight of what other soft skills should be developed. The boot-camp is up to expectations I had that is, there is a lot to learn and practice.

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Consistent daily improvements are the ones that matter.

The soft skills being acquired in this boot-camp can be practiced in many parts of our lives. The programming knowledge will also be applicable to all future software engineering projects. The key to success is growing your skills each and every day while never settling on a certain level of knowledge.

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