Recent learning challenge

Making the leap over a challenge

We face challenges during our day to day activities, our challenges most certainly differ. Challenges are one way of letting you know you can do better; what we do about them is what determines the outcome. If you take down your challenges then you get better.

Recently I have been introducing myself to Laravel (a PHP framework). It has been a challenging exercise to say the least. Having been used to raw PHP for my day to day development, using a Framework changes how I used to go about developing systems in PHP. Having an MVC setup got me mixed up and frustrated. Setting it up on windows wamp server was quite a task given the dependencies and the underlying PHP installation outdated (in comparison with what the framework needed). Given these difficulties I have had to watch many Laravel tutorials as well as read more guides on making Laravel websites.

The other challenge was that I attempted to build a system way too soon after introducing myself to the framework. I therefore decided to take a few more weeks following through tutorials while creating the tutorial’s project. Another challenge has been making use of already existing libraries for certain things, these can mess up your projects especially if you are a newbie. I am in the process of learning Laravel.

The next challenge will be setting it up on a Linux based server. Given I use the same version of Laravel, the process should be manageable in a shorter time span. And then I can take part in the development of a system according to some guidelines I have. I have since linked up with a few developers who use Laravel to give me pointers and evaluate some of my codes. It has been important in learning the industries good practices.

All in all, challenges are there to make us stronger. You need to push yourself so as to overcome them. Every effort you make is a step towards your goal. Always remember passion and perseverance can get you over that.