Awards Eligibility

I have never done this before! In case you weren’t aware (as I wasn’t), in the novel/writing world it is customary to make a list of the work you’ve done in the year that is eligible for the various awards. Similar, I guess, to the “For Your Consideration” billboards and mailings in Hollywood.

We don’t really do anything like that in games, although I think we should. But I am making this post because games are now eligible for the Nebula awards, and Where the Water Tastes Like Wine can be nominated for that!

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is a game about traveling and telling stories in a fantastical, folkloric Great Depression USA. The player, cursed by a card game gone wrong, wanders the US collecting and passing on stories, while meeting 16 different characters from all walks of life. The very cool thing about it, in my opinion, is that each character was written by a different author, and we also had a large team of writers for the individual folktales that you collect. This is, to my knowledge, the first game to approach writing in this manner.

We’ve been recognized for this in various ways in the past — the game has won the IndieCade Developers’ Choice award and the Brazil Indie Games Festival’s Narrative award, as well as being a finalist for narrative in the Independent Games Festival, and most recently nominated for the Herman Melville Prize for Best Writing by the New York Critics Circle. We were also called one of the 10 best games of 2018 by the Washington Post.

Dim Bulb Games would be honored to be considered for the new Nebula for games writing.

If any SFWA members want to play the game, please email me at for a free key.