It’s 2016, Donald Trump is President elect and everyone you follow online just produced a collective brain fart explaining why. A funny gif, the retweet of an economist’s chart, a quote from a writer that ‘called it’ years ago. Simultaneously we’re all in tune through our collective shock, whilst being affirmed and comforted by the fact that with every refresh of our social streams we see that ‘the world’ is as appalled as we are.

But Donald Trump just took the White House and somewhere in the world there’s a vast chunk of society that’s rejoicing. And of course, we think we know about that chunk of society don’t we? Because of course, we ‘see’ them pop up in our streams. The racist white supremacist…

John Newbold

Strategy, design and the bits in between. Co-founder @ / Consulting @ Formerly founder @383Project. Dad.

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