Drawdown — A Comprehensive Plan to Reverse Global Warming

The book is now available!

Last summer, I had the opportunity to work for Project Drawdown as a Research Fellow. Our team of 50+ fellows from over 20 countries and a diversity of backgrounds, brought expertise on a huge range of topics covering transportation, energy, economics, agriculture, conservation, social justice, human rights and more to bear on coming up with solutions to begin to bring down CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere in just the next 30 years.

Our book (and soon the website) show how 80 solutions already in use today (no future magic bullets needed) could halt the growth in atmospheric concentrations of global warming pollutants and begin to bring them down by 2050. Each solution was researched intensively using peer-reviewed journal articles, books by experts, and official government reports (the book has over 5,000 references!). The book uses beautiful language and incredible photos to communicate the technical research and modeling that went into each of these topics.

While the Drawdown book represents the culmination of a massive multi-year, multi-continent effort by a large team, it is only the beginning of Project Drawdown. More researchers, advisors, and supporters will be needed going forward to keep the data current and ensure it reaches as many people as possible.

You can read more about the book, our team, and how to contribute at: http://www.drawdown.org/