D2 as a Front End Developer

Day 2 of the life at The Iron Yard. It is so exciting!! The people here are more than willing to help as well as a great atmosphere of people helping out each other.

Dan Dietz is killing it during the lectures. So far we have made a have made put together some photos and stuff from via CSS.

and an ugly website.

Definitely a humble beginning!!

The CSS style sheet was A LOT of fun. Most of it was understanding the block and in-line elements, asking the right questions via StackOverflow, siting the code I use, and creatively thinking within the confines of the code. WWDD-what would a developer do?

Seems like they weren’t kidding when Faith and Dan said it hurts learning code. Learning a new language is a long and arduous process that clicks once a certain about of information is put together. My brain will start working with the language eventually! Until then? Stick with the program, be kind, be generous, and stay hungry!

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