Why Everyone Loves Johnnie’s Burgers

Everybody in Oklahoma City has their favorite restaurant, even if they wouldn’t consider themselves a classical foodie. Some people choose places because they’re close to their work or house. Others will always eat at a place they have good memories at, or are known for good service. Everyone has their own personal reasons for liking certain eateries, but there’s one factor that’s always important: the food.

It doesn’t matter if a restaurant is inexpensive, has some the best intimate and romantic atmosphere for dates, or is right next to a house. If the food is bad, people aren’t going to want to eat there. Burgers have been an American food staple for decades, and there are plenty of places in the city that claim to have the best burgers. Diners, food trucks, and good old fashioned restaurants all claim to have a leg up on the competition, but there’s one place that’s been an Oklahoma City institution for decades.

Johnnie Haynes got his start in the restaurant business in 1946, and since he started making burgers people couldn’t get enough of them. There’s a reason why Johnnie’s Burgers always have the best reviews on Yelp, and why out of towners are always told that they have to eat a burger at Johnnie’s before they leave.

Actual charcoal broilers

Do you think that those lines on Burger King and McDonald’s burgers were made by an actual grill? Here’s a dirty little secret fast food and most chain restaurants don’t want you to know: the vast majority of your food is defrosted and reheated. They may have a grill in the back, but that’s a glorified defroster. At Johnnie’s you aren’t going to get burgers that have painted on grill lines, you’re going to get an actual charbroiled burger.

Quality meat

You know that the restaurant industry is in trouble when big name competitors brag that they’re using 100% beef in their burgers. The word “beef” in the food industry basically means that it came from a cow, it has nothing to do with the cut and certainly has little to do with the quality. At Johnnie’s what you see is what you get. Your burgers are made out of the best ground beef money can buy.

No pointless gimmicks

It seems like there are some people in the restaurant industry that have forgotten that people go to restaurants to eat. They open their doors and try to lure in people with a ridiculous premise. The wait staff dresses up and entertains people while they wait for their food. They have live bands so people won’t be bored. They have themes that make their restaurant seem more like a theater than a restaurant. Want to know why people do this? It’s because their food is terrible, and they can’t keep people if they simply come to eat. If you go to Johnnie’s, you’re going to have to best burger in OKC. You don’t need a gimmick or a premise; you’ll have a tasty burger.