How to Increase Mobile App Installs and App Retention?

Standing out from the juggernaut competition of millions apps is not an easy job for any app marketer, especially when the users are eager about better apps. Hence, this has become a tough challenge for all app marketers as it requires a highly innovative and responsive approach towards the changes.

Mobile application development is directly proportional to user engagement. If your mobile app is very innovative and more attractive to the user and if it doesn’t crash anywhere, then there are more possibilities that users can become loyal to your app. Some of the best mobile app development companies in India are known for developing such apps.

How to maximize user acquisition for your app

Top 3 ways for user acquisition:

Ø Deep linking:

This has played a major role in user acquisition and retention. When you have enabled deep-linking in the promotional email, then it serves two purposes which include acquiring new users and bringing the users back who have not used app recently. You can integrate this feature better if you have a support of best Android or iPhone app development companies India.

Ø Attractive offers:

Offer some special offers in the app. This may help in enticing them and grab the deal. Users are more attracted to special offers and look for the benefits that they can get from the offer.

Ø Mobile advertisement:

Though you have developed an interesting and innovative app, it doesn’t go famous until unless you market it well. Compared to desktop advertising, mobile advertising on mobile app or mobile websites bring quick results. They can download the app from where they see advertising.

4 hacks to increase your app’s retention

v Personalised push notifications

Some users pay attention for push notifications. But more frequent notifications annoy them. Hence, only the notifications which are more specific should be pushed.

v Regular updates

Everything depends on how specifically or how particularly you build your app which doesn’t include any errors and bugs. Hence you should ensure that apps are update to date without any errors.

v Personalized deals

The deals must be convenient for users’ preferences. For instance, if he buys a formal shirt there must be a relevant offer for it, example formal trousers. This increases the chances of users like your app and check out the deals. This feature helps you offer personalized experience.

v Layered UX

An app must make users open it frequently and this is called engagement. It can be achieved only when your UX is layered. Layering generally means that the features of the app must appear steadily as the users explore deeper into the app. This will make the app more natural and users will find it fun to use. Some mobile application companies Bangalore are expert in developing such features.

Wind-up line:

Just having a mobile presence with mobile app will not guarantee you success. But, a consolidated effort with the right use of technologies and marketing skills is required to get the users to download the app and use it again. As I said before, the focus must be on both the acquisition and retention of the users and then only you can think of bringing more traffic to the app.

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