Why great designers are greater than good designers

In the mobile app development, designing part is considered as a key point, so it clearly shows, in successful mobile app, design matters most. Mobile app design became a crucial aspect of app developers, but the point to consider is the mobile app developers are good designers but not the great or professional designers. 

Yes, in some of the best mobile app development companies, app developers are used to design apps, but they are not great designers, so you may ask who are the great designers, and what is the difference between great designers and good designers. So to give a clear note, we would like to share few differences between good app designers and great app designers.

Great designers are capable to design for multiple mediums

Great mobile app designers well know to design an app in multiple mediums. They understand the design should be responsive, because they know users always look to use the app in multiple devices. During the app design, great designers think about the brand consistency in every design and execute it very well. But the good designers’ thought is different, they don’t think to design an app responsively and their main focus is to design a mobile app innovatively, and the task should be accomplished, that’s it.

Great designers work process is much faster compared to good designers

Great designers have a capability to understand the basic needs of a particular app design. Once the designers come to know the exact requirement of a particular mobile app design, they fix in their mind that when the design will be completed. They know very well that what type of design work consume more time and also they know to use different patterns in the mobile app designing which facilitates designing, so for this they no need to invent separate approaches every time. Good designers work process is obviously slow why because they come under the learners list. They don’t have much capability to plan or to judge an exact time that the designing work requires. And also they can’t have the deeper understanding of exact patterns to be used in an app design.

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Great designers consider others’ great design ideas

Particularly, good app designers try to make others believe their design is the best, they won’t think at all other designers also have a capability to design the same app more innovatively and creatively. But the great app designers never think that their design is the best one, because they know very well the design is creativity, any one can have an idea about it, they trust on others and their quality work. So they also focus on the quality design work that others can contribute, so in each and every project, they use to improve their quality of the design rather than thinking about the preciosity of their design.

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