Why users Uninstall apps and game on Android mobiles?

Android users or iPhone user tend to have a better game which gives them more entertainment when they are at their free time. But some apps and games don’t win their heart, instead force to be uninstalled. If you’re a developer or an app owner and your app’s uninstalls’ number is constantly increasing, you should be aware of the facts behind it. Some top mobile app development companies India have faced the same kind of issues before and even now.

Now, let’s see what makes people delete or uninstall games/apps on their phones:

Fact #1: Slow mobile performance

Developers think to create a feature-packed application that forms a large size. Well, that is not a wrong thought. But many developers forget that having a large size of application slows down the device performance and it drains a battery a lot, which forces users to uninstall the app by being frustrated.

Fact #2: Games or apps that don’t reach users’ expectations

During the marketing of the application, developers market it an exaggerated manner. When the user downloads the app and if it doesn’t reach his expectation, he uninstalls the application without the second thought. mobile apps development companies India are well-known for developing apps that meet users’ expectations.

Fact #3: Security issues: when asking for permission

During the time of installation, many applications ask access request to the details like contact number, location, and access to gallery, etc. which scares the user and make him not to install the app. In some cases, even though they install, they will uninstall the app immediately after few days use. To prevent that, make sure that only a relevant information is requested during the installation.

Fact #4: Complex registration & login process

To register into some apps, first time users need to provide a long list of details. It makes the user annoyed and delete the application. Another main reason behind it is the need of logging in every time they want to use the app. Instead, make the registration process simple and easy by asking only the relevant information.

Fact #5: Heavy Advertisements:

Including a lot of advertisements into the app that wastes the data band, drains the mobile battery, degrades app functionality and slowdowns the CPU makes the user to go out of the application. To avoid this, you should implement an advertising functionality that doesn’t cause these issues.

Fact #6: Failed to impress at first attempt

Sometimes user expects more from the application while they’re using it first time, so the app should be able fulfil it. If the application fails to grab his attention in first look, he may uninstall the app. To prevent it, make sure you’re providing a solid user experience with attractive design and seamless functionality.

Fact #7: Bad user interface

The good user-interface simplifies the way for the users to use the application and enhance their experience. Therefore, it is important that every developer should code the applications by considering the interface. Then the user will not uninstall the application/game.

Fact #8: Too many notifications & alerts

Some applications pop up more notifications or messages that encourages users to uninstall the app. To avoid this, send only necessary notifications whenever it is required so that it won’t not disturb the user.

Fact #9: Not Solving Bugs

Bugs make phone’s performance slow and it drives the user to uninstall it. Hence, the developers should come with the best solution so that the user doesn’t go away from the application.

Fact #10: New applications to the market as a competitor

User may get attracted to newly launched application and may delete your application. It is all because of the above facts mentioned above. Hence, make sure that your app is great to use, and good in feature.

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