The future of citizen development in SharePoint with the SharePoint Framework
Jeremy Thake

There are two gates for the Citizen Developer in the SPFx model:

First is technical — they need to learn JavaScript framework and the build pipeline. As one steps out from jQuery to React/Angular this is part of that (non-trivial) personal learning.

Second is admins — they now need to convince the tenant admins to deploy the webpart for them. For many, I think this falls into the ‘too hard’ bucket.

So their choice remains the Content Editor webpart. Or leave SharePoint as a Platform.

I think ‘pro-devs’ are fine with building packages and handing them off to an admin to deploy. I think ‘citizen-devs’ are going to not be bothered with that conversation and stick with ‘fine, well, my tool chain works already’.

I feel a lot of sadness when somewhere, somehow, we made a decision to alienate the two groups of developers, and still keep them separate.

Customizations (C# or JavaScript) have always broke when upgrading. I am certain SPFx will continue that tradition. Just because it was deployed through an admin doesn’t mean they won’t break. So at the end, we might have blocked citizen developers for nothing.

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