Bernie Sanders for President

After consideration of endless arguments (good and bad) from both sides of this year’s Democratic camp, I’ll be casting a vote for Bernie Sanders in the critical upcoming Michigan primary. To distill my feelings on tons of complicated dynamics between and around the two candidates in this race is difficult, but here’s a shot at it:

Hillary Clinton is an adept arbiter of authority — expert at plying semantics to address the modern political problem of endless audience fragmentation. She has proven her ability to foster strong support within circles of power for reasonable policy positions. However, at its core, her political strategy is just that — a method for controlling the forces of a fragmented electorate to achieve aims which have not always been in the electorate’s best interest (specifically interventionist foreign policy, flawed macroeconomic philosophy, support for mass incarceration, and insufficiently regulated trade policy).

Bernie Sanders is a bumbling public speaker at this stage in his life, has difficulty addressing multiple priorities simultaneously within the context of a single conversation, and seems to ignore the very real damage done to his campaign by opportunistic strategy. These aren’t excellent qualities. What is excellent is his singular focus on running as an advocate for the people of the United States of America, and laying out concrete thresholds for the morality, not just the utility, of public policy. Without much strategy to speak of, he has celebrated and encouraged unity among a broad, diverse, and (most importantly) powerless cross-section of American society. I will be voting for this ideal, as I believe it to be more powerful than calculated opportunism in thwarting the neo-fascist threat at our collective doorstep.