How to change user Id & Password for Quickbooks Online

You can easily change your user ID and password from within your quickbooks online company. First, you need to choose the situation below that applies to you, and you should follow the following steps.

If you want to consolidate multiple companies under one user Id and Password, see how do you consolidate my companies under one user ID?.

First, you need to login into quick books online.

After that, click the Gear Icon> your account.

Next, under the user activities section on the right, click on update your personal information.

Now, scroll down to your sign in information, click on change sign in info and follow the steps to confirm your identity. You should keep patient to receiving the confirmation code on your email address. This process will take several minutes to arrive.

You can get the email change request process if you don’t have access the old email address. Just follow the following process as given below:

Go to the profile tab and click edit the user ID section to change your user ID.

For changing your email address, you need to go profile tab and click edit for the email address section.

For changing your password, you need to go the security tab and click on edit for the password section.

Next, enter the new information, along with you current password for verification.

Next, click on Save link.

Sometimes, users are unable to follow this process so they need to Quickbooks customer support number where they can contact and share problem with technical experts and solve all kinds of technical issues help of the experts. Just dial the quickbooks helpline and fix all errors.

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