Guide to Swapping Duino-Coin on

4 min readSep 20, 2021

Sushiswap is a fork of Uniswap where you can trade cryptocurrencies in a decentralized way! Today we will be taking a look at the entire process of swapping Duino-Coin (DUCO) on Sushiswap.

In order to get started, you will need a Duino-Coin web wallet account, and a Metamask account setup on your web browser with the Polygon Mainnet enabled. Assuming you have these things prerequisites completed, let’s begin.

Let’s start by navigating over to the Duino-Coin Wrapper . Once there you will be prompted to enter your wallet username and password. After signing in, you will need to enter “maticDUCO” into the Network Token field, the amount of DUCO you would like to wrap into the Amount field, and lastly your Metamask address into the Address field. Once you have populated all the required fields, simply hit “Wrap” and you are done! Your maticDUCO coins will now be sent to your Metamask address.

(Example 1)

Now, let’s add maticDUCO to your Metamask so you can see it has arrived. Start by going to the maticDUCO Polyscan page where we can find the contract address associated with the token. Click the address to copy it to your clipboard, then open your Metamask where we will use the address to add maticDUCO to your Assets tab.

(Example 2)

Once added you should see your maticDUCO balance in Metamask, now we can proceed over to SushiSwap to swap it for Matic! maticDUCO is not in SushiSwap’s default currency list, so we will have to add it manually with the same contract address we used to add it to Metamask, let’s do that real quick!

(Example 3)

You will be prompted to import maticDUCO into SushiSwap, then we can use it for swapping. Now let’s swap our maticDUCO for some Matic, it’s super easy! Just select “maticDUCO” for the “Swap from” currency, and “MATIC” for the “Swap to” currency, input how much maticDUCO you would like to swap and it the “Swap” button. Now will ask permission from your metamask to use maticDUCO/matic, giving permission requires signing which need a little matic for a gas fee, but don’t worry, if you have no matic you can easily get enough to cover this fee from this faucet!

(Example 4)

Swapping back to maticDUCO and Unwrapping.

Now that you have successfully swapped your DUCO into Matic, let’s see how you can move your Matic assets back into DUCO in your wallet!

Swapping from Matic back to maticDUCO is super easy, just do what you just did in reverse! select “swap from” as “Matic” and “swap to” as “maticDUCO, hit Swap and you are done! But let’s go over how to unwrap you maticDUCO back into DUCO in your web wallet.

Head over to the Duino-Coin unwrapping website, you will be prompted to link your Metamask, this is how we will be able to unwrap your maticDUCO. After linking, simply enter the amount of maticDUCO you want to unwrap, and your Duino-Coin Web Wallet username and hit “Unwrap”! You did it!

(Example 5)

This covers the start to finish process of swapping DUCO on! If you have any questions be sure to join the Duino-Coin Discord server and ask for assistance! Thank you for reading, and happy swapping!




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