Lasso the Moon

Even youths shall faint and and be weary, and young men shall fall exhausted; but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength. (Isaiah 40:30–31 ESV)

This fire I have for You has not always been the brightest flame. Sometimes it has merely been a flicker struggling to stay ablaze — and I could have probably cared less because it was content with being just so. Yes, my passion for You has come and gone likes the tides. Now, it’s as if You have lassoed the moon in Your infinity, pulled it closer to the earth so that the tide has reached flood stage. You have put a fire in me that I never want to cease; and I pray that You’ll keep Your grip on the moon so that the tides never go back out to sea. Oh how You have indefinitely bent the rules of the universe for me and I never want this passion to grow tired.

Remind me to quiet myself when I get weary — when the flame starts to flicker. Remind me to slow down and wait for You, so that my strength will be replenished. I am terrified of the consequences of apathy; I never want to be a distant memory. So, please Jesus — keep Your hold on the moon. Let this flood not subside. Let the fire inside of me never be a flicker. If I am ever so selfish, remind me to wait on You.

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