A person always has choice, if they are willing to lose.

Part 2

There are many positive reasons someone would want to own their own business.

  1. Ownership is control
  2. Be your own boss…do what you want
  3. Affect lives
  4. Control your income
  5. Be in charge of your destiny
  6. Do something that you’re passionate about

These all come with massive amounts of hard, long, stressful work. Can’t make rainbows without a little rain, right?

At the end of this, you will probably want to ask yourself what is it that you crave. And then, is it worth it? Blood, tears, stress, restless nights, never not working, losing friends and loved ones because you prioritized your dream and goals over all else (the amount of alone time you clock up is unreal), being good at being selfish with your thoughts and time, opening Pandora’s box of never being able to quench your thirst. For me, looking back on everything and trying to peer into the future...it’s worth it. Would I have done things differently? That’s a shitty question because outcomes would be different. Will I learn from my mistakes for the next journey? Of course. I am a student of experiences and I never miss class.

Sensitive stories will be shared and the people in these stories are still in my life, so the people in my story will remain anonymous. Even though some of them suck and I should call them out…but that’s not my style. I love you no matter what.

Bad is often the creator.